About Sylvia

 Sylvia is a 40+ year old, college student (Bachelors of Human Services) and the organizations founder. She is a wife (Luis*), (bonus)mother of 8, and former foster mother. 

Sylvia is also a surthriver* of: Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Abuse/Incest, and Infertility. She became a widow in 2008 and remarried in 2012. 

She has done and witnessed things nobody should have to see nor endure; especially as a child. Sylvia grew up in an abusive home and often witnessed the abuse her mother suffered at the hands of her father. That abuse (verbal and mental) eventually extended to her. 

This website is about raising much needed awareness on numerous social issues. You can read Sylvia's personal journey by downloading her free E-Book.

A "Surthriver" is someone that has survived and thriving despite what they've endured.

To my husband, Luis, thank you for your love and support.*