What Is Rape and Sexual Assault?

RAPE is forced sexual intercourse, including both psychological coercion and physical force. Forced sexual intercourse means - vaginal, anal or oral penetration by the offender(s). This category includes incidents where the penetration is from a foreign object such as a bottle. This definition includes attempted rapes, male and female victims. Male and female victims. Heterosexual and homosexual rape.

SEXUAL ASSAULT includes a wide range of victimization, distinct from rape or attempted rape. These crimes included completed or attempted attacks generally involving unwanted sexual contact between the victim and offender. Sexual assaults may or may not involve force and include such things as grabbing and fondling. Sexual assault also includes verbal threats. 

The Facts About Rape

1-6 American women has been a victim of attempted or completed rape and 10% of sexual assault victims are men.

A non-stranger perpetrated 67% of sexual assaults. 47% of perpetrators were a friend or acquaintance of the victim. 17% were an intimate and 3% were another relative.

About 44% of rape victims are under the age of 18 and 80% are under the age of 30.