safety plan

If you've been thinking about leaving, you may want to put some important things together in case you have to leave quickly. Keep these items in a bag or backpack stored at a neighbor's, relative, trusted friend or in your car.

Extra money (cash, checkbook and/or credit cards)

Keep a bag/suitcase packed for emergency exits 

Extra car and house keys, 

Coil wire (for car)Keep a bag/suitcase packed for emergency exits 


Restraining order if one is in place

If applicable: Citizenship papers

KEEP IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (driver’s license or other form(s) of identification, birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc.) in a separate bag/suitcase and leave with a trusted friend, neighbor or relative. 

Plan a place to go in case of an emergency such as a shelter, neighbor, trusted friend or relative


Have the phone number of the police dept. available (dial 911 for all emergency calls) and get the name/badge number of the responding officer should the need arise to call.

Teach and encourage the children to go to a neighbor’s house to call 911 during an abusive incident

If possible, have a special room with an extra strong lock


If attacked, go to the hospital for prompt medical attention; have the abuse documented as domestic violence on hospital records

Keep a record of injuries, including photographs, so that legal evidence can be produced to press charges and/or secure an Order of Protection


Have a special signal to use with neighbors, friends or relatives with which to alert for help.


If you return home to a joint resident and the abuser has been evicted, all locks should be changed immediately


Conduct daily routines at different times of the day if possible. Utilize different stores or shopping malls. Take alternative routes to work and/or schools.


Keep change for phone calls, get a cell phone and/or have a second cell phone (pay as you go)


Open a bank account and/or get a credit card in your name.


Think about how you could take your child(ren) with you safely. There may be times when taking your child(ren) with you may put all your lives in danger. You need to protect yourself to protect your children.


For more information go to: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 


For more information regarding legal matters: